Talks & Events

Talks & Events

A few talks and events that are made public are listed here. For talks that are not available for public view, I share snippets and take aways.

In all honesty, I haven't kept track of all talks and events so far. I promise to keep track hereafter. I love building communities. I dedicate a good portion of my time every year to share my thoughts & perspectives to my tribe.


This year is very special and challenging at the same time. With Covid a lot things are changing. I dedicated some time to share my thoughts and perspectives around how to handle the same. Also personally I made more time for community activities this year.

Design U for Designers

Summary: A phenomenon which should be a foundation for all designers and makers. If i can be greedy, it must the first lesson all humans should learn.

Podcast on Design & Recession

Summary: It is Covid time and a recession is looming. Here is a discussion on how to view a recession from a designer's perspective and how to handle it.

Keynote on Visual Engineering

Event: Women Tech Makers, India Summit 2020 (organised by Google)

Summary: Addressing women tech makers community by Google and sharing my thoughts on Visual engineering.

Roundtable on Leadership

Summary: Discussing leadership from a career women's perspective and experience in an all women panel conducted by Sidharth

Panel on Design Careers

Event: Design Festival 2020 organised by Institute of Product Leadership

Summary: Discussing Design Careers with the industry veterans and stalwarts

2019 & below

Keynote on Rise of Design in Tech

Event: GHCI (Grace Hopper Conference) India , 2018 & Women Tech Makers, Hyderabad, 2019

Summary: Addressing young aspiring designers and technologists and sharing perspectives on how technologists can use design and do better.

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Keynote on No code and Low Code Revolution

Event: GDG, Hyderabad India , 2019

Summary: Addressing technologists about no code revolution

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Keynote on Designing for News

Event: WAN IFRA Summit, 2019

Summary: Addressing newsmakers about Designing for News.

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P.S: The crowd had the entire media industry shakers and movers.


Talk on Documentation for Designers

Event: Write the Docs India

Summary: Addressing designers and writers around documentation aspects.

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Replay: Documentation for Designers Talk

Panel on Designing for the future

Event: IXDD, Hyderabad

Summary: Sharing perspectives on future of design with a designful panel.

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Talk on Life Design

Organised by: Jagriti Pande, UX Gorilla

Summary: Sharing perspectives and view on how design to design life incidentally

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Keynote on ABCD (Any body can design)

Event: Dell Designathon, Hyderabad

Summary: Sharing perspectives and view on how to harness the first principles of design.

Replay: A Design Circle Talk delivered for Dell Designathon

A 7 min talk on Design with a big D

Event: Pecha Kucha, Hyderabad

Summary: Sharing all things design in under 7 mins

Replay: A 7 min talk on Design on a Pecha Kucha Night in Hyderabad

P.S: My public speaking started here 🙈