Design Positive
Design Positive

Design Positive

Start Date: 20 April 2020

End Date: 10 Jul 2020

Objective: A podcast to discuss positive transformation with design leaders

Deliverable: 1 Season, 10 Episodes, D+ve Show

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Bad news everywhere. The dashboard looks red. The stock market is bleeding. Recession is on. Locked up for weeks together. In such difficult times the most dreaded word is C+ve (Tested for Corona Positive) 🥺

In these times of C+ve, I guess we need something that is really positive in words and in ethos.

D+ve (Design Positive) aims at bringing the what, the why and the how of design for positive transformation. Design as a discipline can uniquely impact the quality of lives around and can bring in amazing transformation especially in the the current unprecedented times we are living in right now. The idea is to consciously explore the notion of design beyond its conventional scape.

D+ve brings eminent design leaders to talk about the specifics and nuances of our discipline that goes beyond what we know as design conventionally. Design as a subject flows according to the context. May be it is time we follow the path so that we can flow with life.

It is an absolute honour and a privilege to be the host for the SEASON 1 of the show. I am super excited for our tribe out there! Here is your opportunity to listen to great minds of our times.

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Thank you

When I raised my hands for hosting a podcast as an IAMAI committee member, I was literally shivering inside and yet i said yes. Little did i know that just 160 hours spread across 10-12 weeks of time can transform you inside out. In this period, I learnt graphic design, narrative design, audio post production, social media management, schedules and above all discipline to do things consistently. Because i was doing something I have no idea about, I could ask for help without any cringes in my stomach. It was a child like exploration. If podcasting can be done like this, I guess anything is possible. Of course I had amazing people who cheered me up, helped me get up when i fell down, dressed my bruises, encouraged me to keep going and that helped immensely. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to run a project end to end 🙏