Design U
Design U

Design U

Start Date: 1 May 2020

End Date: 1 Aug 2020

Objective: Simplifying Complexity using Verbals and Visuals

Deliverable: Design U course for makers, work book and reference book

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Being a maker is hard. You juggle with a number of things and a number of subjects to create the alchemy you create. To do the magic effectively, your inner ambience must be set a certain way. Design U helps in setting it for you. Either you are an incidental maker or accidental one. There is nothing in-between 🙌



Month 1 was all about Principles


Month 2 was all about Human Nature


Month 3 is all about Personal Finance


I did deliver a course on Make U to kids at NMIMS and I did make a productivity system and delivered couple of masterminds to our Guild. I used the system myself and reaped amazing benefits. As a project this was successful in my view. Now the project is turning into a life rhythm. I am gonna write about things that I care and am excited about.


Little did i know that i will churn so much in my head. It feels like a good idea to put down all the thoughts of designing oneself in one place and allow it to grow and shape into whatever it takes.

I am not a writer. At least i don't think so. I am merely expressing my thoughts in words and visuals. We as humans have been doing it all along. Just doing it within boundaries and that is all. Currently the Weight Loss series is ON.


Month 4 is all about Weight Loss (ongoing now)