Date: 19 June 2020, 8 am

Personal website is not a big deal. Everyone has it. I also have it. But something is special and new from last evening for me. Yup, it is about my personal site.

I started my blog ( with an aim that it will be a vault for all my thoughts. I wrote everyday for 18 long months (totally 100k+ words). More i wrote, more it bugged me inside. I had to work with limitations and constraints of the technology and the architecture. Above all the site was a gift from my dear colleague Arjun Phlox using Webflow. I loved every bit of it ❣️ But....

That is not how my brain works. None of our brain works in templates actually. I flipped the story and asked my brain what would you like as your vault? It just pointed me to Notion.

I already had some documented there but just for my eyes only. It said i don't want to overwork. Just share this to public and you're done. Keep adding everyday and over years this will be the most valuable asset I could have. I loved what my 🧠 said. But how do i put a notion page as a site?

Our no-code friends had some awesomeness documented at In less than 45 mins my site was up. It is simple, efficient quick and exactly how my brain works.

It is out: (still work in progress but hey time to 🎉)